Harmony Grows

Garden CSA Project

Harmony Springs Church

In 2016 Harmony Springs started planting the seeds of a community garden project we envision developing into a Community CSA. We desired to do a bit more than just grow produce to give to people in need - although that is at the heart of our project. We are working towards the development of a full-on CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project that is run as a community partnership.


We envision a day very soon when church and community members have the opportunity to purchase non-profit shares of our CSA, receive weekly locally-grown-non-pesticide produce that they can pick up at the church on Sundays or at the Green farmer's market and also volunteer/work in the garden.


We want this CSA to do as much good as possible so we plan to always provide a percentage of our produce to Green Good Neighbors Food Pantry and a percentage of our CSA shares will go to support growing projects in developing countries through Foods Resource Bank.


When we first started we had little-to-no idea what we were doing. :) But we jumped in muddy boots and all. Each year we have more experience under our belts and more supporters that get us closer and closer to selling shares. 


We can use your help seeding our project. If our CSA is a project you'd like to see develop in Green:

give online right now!


Choose 'Garden Growing Project.' We'll send you a tax-deductible receipt and you'll know you played a vital part in helping a CSA get off the ground in Green.