We are a church movement.

A movement is going somewhere.

We are going somewhere. -------------------------------->

The easiest way to see what Harmony Springs is all about is to check us out on Sunday mornings @ 10:30 AM. We are about 100 strong - big enough that you won't feel uncomfortable checking us out for the first time and small enough that you won't get lost in the crowd. When you come there is an information table where our hosts would be happy to answer questions for you and/or show you around. They wear little buttons which makes them easy to spot.


Where we meet:

We currently meet inside the Green - Akron General Health & Wellness Center located conveniently on Massillon Rd/241 south of the expressway. We use the conference rooms located near the south entrance doors. You can come in those doors or the main entrance. Feel free to park in the main entrance or the South Lot (second entrance off of Massillon Rd). Addresses are tricky in Green so if you are navigating - use 1940 town park blvd. Uniontown, OH 44685.


I need coffee!

Don't we all. :) It's here. Stop by the connections cafe for some organic-fairtrade coffee, tea, juice boxes for kids, and sometimes a delicious treat someone brings in. Feel free to grab a cup and find a seat at a table or chairs to enjoy conversation and wait for the service to begin. While you're there pull up Random Acts of Coffe and Kindness FB page one of our members started. Akron General has free Wifi and we won't scold you for using it on your phone, tablet, etc.


The age old question 'What do I wear?'

Most of us dress business casual (if you want to blend in this is the way to go). But lots of us wear jeans, sandals (although you may get cold in January), shorts and t-shirts. We are not fashion police - wear what you are comfortable in.


What is your service like?

There are no bulletins (we try to be as green as possible). We sing a few songs, read scripture, our pastor speaks, and we pray together. We invite all to participate in communion every Sunday (we come forward and dip pieces of bread into grape juice then head back to our seats). We usually talk about things going on, make some announcements, and then part ways. The gathering usually last for about an hour (we leave plenty of time to get to Panchos afterwards).


Where do I unload the kids?

The good news is you don't have to if you'd rather stay together. We welcome children as a vital part of our gathering - baby noises and all. We do setup a table with activities & supplies (coloring, word games, etc) in the worship center so that they can participate but also have something to keep them busy. Feel free to grab an activity bag and sit together.


If you need a break (and we all do) Akron General provides a secure childcare center (ages 6 months to 12 years old) with official-background-checked-hospital-trained-child-loving workers that will welcome your child into the center during service. Its the same center Health & Wellness members use while they are working out and it's right across the hall from where we meet. Its a great benefit to meeting at Akron General Health & Wellness!

Harmony Springs Church

PO Box 428

Uniontown, OH 44685

(330) 899-9785


Green | 10:30 am | sundays

Cle Clinic/AG wellness center | 1940 town park blvd. | uniontown