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'Your Bible' - Kerygma study begins Sept. 13 - Registration open

Regsier today for 14 sessions of study and discussion on how the Bible came to be (you might be surprised) and tips on how to read the bible for our lives in context with application.

The study is set t begin on Sunday, Sept. 13 to run for 14 weeks on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:15 in the atrium of the Akron General Health and Wellness Center in Green.

Tom and Debi Benjamin will facilate study and discussion. Each participant will need a resource guide which the church will happily provide for those who register.

The study offers an introduction to the library of books which are the foundation of our faith and provides a refreshing orientation to the Book and opens a door of understanding to all other Bible study. In 14, 30-45 minute sessions, participants will explore basic issues.


  • What Is the Bible?

  • How Did the Bible Come to Be?

  • What Is the Old Testament About?

  • What Is the New Testament About?

  • How Has the Bible Been Preserved and Handed On?

  • How Shall We Study the Bible?

  • What Is the Place of the Bible in Our Lives?

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