Project Generous

A year-long cultivation of hope and love through generosity

Hope is our Message.

We're on a year-long journey to cultivate hope and love in people's lives coinciding with our building project.  It's a great feeling to know exactly what your financial gift is doing - these are projects that will do just that! Each project will have a fundraising goal for a specific cause, and each project will be crowdsourced - meaning there will be an online, social media page/link you can share on facebook, twitter and via email. I hope you'll join me in embracing our generous spirit by cultivating hope and love through this year-long project!

Generosity isn't an afterthought at Harmony Springs - it's in our DNA. When there is a need we give. When people are hungry we show up with healthy produce from our garden. When there is more month than there is money we are a lifeline. When someone can't afford their medications we provide life-giving relief. We turn on electric, fix cars, pay medical bills and through it all cultivate hope and love in people's lives.

Generosity is what we do. 

2019 is going to be an exciting year at harmony springs because we're building. But, we're not just building a physical building we're building a movement of people who are committed to living generously with big-hearts in our community.

We're on a mission to cultivate hope and love by living in the way of Jesus with grace and peace in our community and world.

Hope is why we are generous.

Hope IS our message.

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