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We want to see every person flourish in our community. 


We're building a movement for good in our community by envisioning a non-profit community center #forgreen #forakron and #foryou. We'd like to invite you to join us in building a community-center non-profit hub in Green. We're on a mission to do as much good as possible in our community. 


Our Story:

We've been on quite a journey together since we decided almost a decade ago to move our congregation from downtown Akron to Green.  And today, we’re emerging from all of the challenges as a strong, resilient group of people that wants to cultivate hope and love for all  in our community.


Over these last 10 years, we’ve endured the trials and tribulations of selling a large, downtown Akron church building, completed a search that brought us a dynamic new pastor, worshipped in a couple of temporary spaces, and purchased over 9 acres of easily-accessible land on Arlington Rd., just north of Boettler in the Spring Hill development.  In addition, we’ve already successfully completed an initial fundraising campaign to support the transition, which raised over  1 million dollars from a lot of very generous people with attachments to High Street (the old HSCC), Harmony Springs (the new HSCC), or both. 


The final stage in our transition is now upon us.  We simply need to raise the last $150,000 through our RE<>CONNECT<>ING Campaign to enable us to build our desired structure on our land this year, and bring our future within sight.    As of Saturday, March 2, 2019, this campaign has already surpassed 2/3 of its fundraising goal, in only its first week.  


This flexible, multi-purpose center with a capacity to hold 150+ people will begin to allow us to fulfill our ultimate objective to help everyone prosper in the community. We want people to utilize this beautiful and comfortable new space to hold events like baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings. We also plan to make it available for seminars, workshops, nonprofit meetings, and fundraisers. A brand new kitchen will also be in the facility, and could be used for community meals, fundraising dinners, and receptions.


Above all else, we simply envision this facility serving as a welcoming new hub for many types of gatherings of people, including spiritual worship, collaborative efforts, and anything else that contributes to the overall good of the community. 


We've been dreaming about creating this kind of space for over a decade, and we'd like to invite you to join us in making this a fabulous new asset for the people of Green, and beyond. We're excited to say that we are now within thousands of dollars of reaching that finish line as a result of this most recent campaign.  So, we kindly ask you to support this RE<>CONNECT<>ING Campaign to make this dream become a reality for our community this  year.  #forgreen #forakron and #foryou.


Make a pledge to our re<>connect<>ing capital campaign online


Give via Mail.

Send your donation marked 'Building Fund' to:

Harmony Springs Christian Church

PO Box 428

Uniontown, OH 44685


Give in Person at Church on Sundays.


Drop a check marked 'building fund' in the offering plate located at the back of our worship space.


Check out updates on this page to see how close we are. >>>

February 22, 2019

Harmony Springs Christian Church, formerly known as High Street Christian Church, is launching our final building capital campaign before breaking ground on a new, permanent gathering place.

We're launching this campaign with the hopes of receiving commitments for at least $150,000 over the next three years, so that we can build our new 6,000 sq. ft. community-oriented space this year!!

The purpose of our effort is to build this...

November 12, 2018

On Sunday, November 11 the member-partners of Harmony Springs met and officially approved the proposed building plan, associated costs and construction timeline. The 5700 sf building and site development estimate is approximately 1.45 mil. After city of Green approvals, construction will begin in March-April of 2019 and conclude around November-December of 2019. During the meeting the members approved unrestricting funds neede...

November 7, 2018

On Sunday, November 11, 2018 Harmony Springs will hold its annual congregational meeting to approve the proposed building plan, timeline and funding sources. 

The proposed building is a 5,650 sf multi-purpose building at a 1.45 mil projected cost. 

May 28, 2018

Harmony Springs Christian Church is launching an innovative community building campaign called 'Build-Together.' The church is putting up 1 million dollars it has raised from the sale of its previous building, rummage sales and congregational fundraising to build a new community-center non-profit hub in the Spring Hill Development on S. Arlington Rd. in Green.

 Harmony Springs is asking the community for help in raising th...

March 29, 2018

After selling the High Street Church building and completing a 3 year capital campaign we are on the verge of breaking ground. Our trustees and church leaders have been hard at work meeting with potential builders who have submitted building site plans, layout proposals and cost estimates. 

At the last church leadership meeting our trustees and elders jointly reviewed these plans and estimates as well as our chur...

March 26, 2018

There are two ways you can give to help us build:

1. Make A one-time contribution to Our Building Fund. You can do it any of the ways listed below. Just mark the donation 'Building Fund.' 

2. The most helpful way is to become a regular-recurring giver to Harmony Springs Annual Ministry. Your regular giving frees us to designate our investments/savings for building rather than covering ongoing expenses. You'll be not only helping...

March 26, 2018

During one of our family’s summertime trips to Arizona Emily and I found ourselves coaxing our oldest son, Jameson to walk the plank of a family member’s backyard diving board. All our coaxing and Emily’s offer of five dollars got him positioned. After walking out over the water, he seemed poised to collect. But then he froze. He was timid, afraid, and suspicious. To dive into the mind of a child is a dangerous thing, but neve...

During the first quarter of 2018 the trustees have continued to concentrate their efforts on the development of the Arlington Road property. There were several discussions with local contractors and, as a result, three contractors have provided the trustees their recommended plans to develop the property and have provided associated cost estimates. The three contractors (and links to their building plans) are:

Joseph A. Jefferi...

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