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Become A Co-Cultivator

Cultivate With Us


We love the word cultivate.

Cultivate describes what we're doing together, not just symbolically but actually.


We cultivate hope when we plant green pepper seeds in the ground of Harmony Grows Garden so that everyone can flourish in Green.

We cultivate love when we collect weekend meal supplies for Blessings in Backpack children.

We cultivate love when we participate in Akron's pride festival.

We cultivate hope when we light candles on All Saints Sunday to remember and give thanks for those we have lost but who live on in us.

We cultivate love when we visit downtown Akron homeless shelters with breakfast and conversation.

Come cultivate with us!

You Keep Using that Word...

Depending on the organization ‘membership’ can mean a lot of different things. At a country club you pay a ‘membership’ fee to gain access and privilege. You can become a ‘member’ of an auto-club to receive discounts and help when you are stranded. You can be a member of a rewards program, frequent shopping club, social club or service organization.


At harmony springs you become a member when you decide to join in on what we are doing. It’s actually more like becoming a partner than a member.


Partnering means you have a stake in what we're building.

You buy in.

You support it.

You show up.

You take care of it.


And in return it gives you satisfaction, protection, comfort, enjoyment and purpose.

The beloved community

We think church, at its best, centers around people. Jesus invested in people by being present. Our members do just that.

We show up for each other.

We bring meals when a family has a newborn.

We drink coffee and discus spiritual stuff together.

We eat together. [We’re really good at this one!]

We serve alongside each other.


We check in on each other at the hospital.

We grieve with one another.

We embrace our humanity, acknowledge our fragility and with God’s help become a beautiful beloved community.

You're already becoming a member when...

You start saying ‘we’ when you talk about harmony springs.


You join a ministry team.


You become a financial supporter.


You participate in a group or project.


You take off your bib and put on an apron.

The Ask


So...if what we're building is something you want to see in our community why not make it official?


Becoming a member of a beloved community like harmony springs takes some chutzpah. You have to put yourself out there, dedicate yourself to our cause, show up at stuff, volunteer your time and abilities, and give financially.

If you do that, something beautiful happens: You find lifelong friends, support in difficult times, and spiritual purpose.

To become a member just submit this next step: membership request and we'll get you all the info you need about our next membership Sunday!

Join Now

We'll be in touch soon with some super-awesome membership info!

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