When we Gather

Sundays | 10:30 AM


While we build Harmony Springs Centre we meet inside the Cleveland Clinic/Akron General Health & Wellness Center on Massillon Rd. in Green.



Our gathering happens in the conference room(s). Feel free to come in the main entrance or park and enter at the South lot. 

AGCC Wellness Center.png

kids |  childcare

We welcome children as a vital part of our gathering - baby noises and all. We set up tables your family can sit at so that busybodies and hands can color or move around as needed. We know what it's like. We won't judge or scold you - we're just happy you came.


If you need a break (and we all do) Cleveland Clinic/Akron General provides a secure childcare center (ages 6 months to 12 years old) with official-background-checked-hospital-trained-child-loving workers that will welcome your child into the center during our gathering.

The childcare center is located right outside the conference room we meet in. Just ring the bell and sign-in on the Harmony Springs Church sheet.


Your children will love it! The childcare center is full of fun activities, video games, Disney movies an indoor playset with a slide and basketball court! 

what to expect

We're a relaxed-fun-loving group. 


Grab a cup of fairtrade coffee, tea, cocoa for kids and enjoy a homemade delicious treat someone seems to always bring in. Feel free to sit at a table or row of chairs. Say hello to a new friend and/or check-in on our Facebook page. We don't print bulletins (we try to be as green as possible), but we do run announcements about upcoming events on screen.


We sing a few songs, read scripture, our pastor speaks, and we pray together. At every gathering, we invite everybody to receive communion  (we come forward and dip pieces of bread into grape juice then head back to our seats).

You're welcome to come forward and participate (there are no requirements) or stay seated- no judgement either way.

We usually talk about things going on, make some announcements, and then part ways. The gathering usually lasts for about an hour (we leave plenty of time to get to brunch/lunch afterwards).