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#harmonysrising Project

A church is more than a building.

We're positive of that.

It's a movement of people who cultivate hope and love. 

While Harmony Springs Center has been built we are still on a mission to give generously to Green - the community we love with as much good as we possibly can. 

Join us to make sure #harmonysrising in Green.

Follow us here for upcoming projects you can register to join!

Our Story

We want to see every person flourish in our community. 


We're building a movement for good in our community by envisioning a non-profit centre #forgreen and #foryou. We'd like to invite you to join us in building. We're on a mission to cultivate as much good as possible in our community. 


We're a strong, resilient group of people that want to cultivate hope and love for all while being deeply connected to our community.


Over these last 10+ years, we’ve completed a search that brought us a dynamic new pastor, gathered in a couple of temporary spaces, and purchased over 9 acres of easily-accessible land on Arlington Rd., just north of Boettler in the Spring Hill development.  


Now we've built a multi-purpose center that has the capacity to hold 300+ people to help everyone prosper in the community. Everyone in Green is able to utilize this beautiful and comfortable new space to hold events like baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings, as well as seminars, workshops, nonprofit meetings, and fundraisers. A brand new commercial kitchen is on site and can be used for community meals, fundraising dinners, and receptions.


Above all else, we envision this facility serving as a welcoming new hub for many types of gatherings of people, including spiritual gatherings, collaborative efforts, and anything else that contributes to the overall wellness of our community. 


We've been dreaming about creating this kind of space for over a decade, and now that it is complete we'd like to invite you to join us in building this movement for the people of Green. 


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