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Our Story

Everybody has a story. This is ours.

Harmony Springs is a collective of creatives and innovators who take little for granted—not buildings, beliefs, structures, liturgy, or leadership models.   Our mission is to be a welcoming and progressive community, seeking harmony in a world of dissonance—seeking spiritual moments of transformation through spiritual wellness, and by putting love into action.

We seek to be a community that is innovative and flexible--one that is both challenging and inviting to those who don’t necessarily identify themselves as Christians.  We continue to go about discovering how to live in the way of Jesus in an age of social media, globalization, and political instability.  We pick up where Christ left off— seeking wholeness in a fragmented world, pushing back against injustice, embracing the marginalized, seeking health and healing for those in need, and forming community with friends and strangers.

Moving and Building

We've been on quite a journey together since we decided over a decade ago to move from downtown Akron to Green. And today, we’re emerging as a strong, resilient group of people that wants to cultivate hope and love for all in our community.


Over these last 10 years, we’ve endured the tribulations of selling a large, downtown Akron church building, completed a search that brought us a dynamic new pastor, gathered in temporary spaces, and purchased over 9 acres of easily-accessible land on Arlington Rd., just north of Boettler in the Spring Hill development. 


After dreaming up plans for an innovative multi-purpose center with a capacity to hold 250+ people we began construction in July of 2020 to allow us to fulfill our ultimate objective to cultivate hope and love for all people in the community. We want people to utilize this beautiful and comfortable new space to hold events like baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings. It is also available for seminars, workshops, nonprofit meetings, and fundraisers. A brand new commercial kitchen is available for community meals, fundraising dinners, and receptions.


Above all else, we envision this facility as a welcoming new hub for many types of gatherings of people, including spiritual wellness, collaborative community efforts, and anything else that contributes to the overall good of the community.


 #forgreen #forakron and #foryou

To read more about our building journey – check out our building completion update.

Our Roots

We are rooted in the Disciples of Christ, a movement for unity, inclusion and wholeness. Grounded in this tradition, we seek to intentionally welcome, support and affirm individuals seeking spiritual growth, while recognizing and celebrating who they are—their beliefs, age, gender, struggles, race, sexuality, and abilities.  


We arise out of the belief that God is love, that God calls us to love one another, and that Jesus is a shining model of what it means to love.  We arise out of a rich and complex history full of meaningful spiritual disciplines, deep theological concepts, and diverse ways of being church,


Our Mission:​


To cultivate hope and love by living in the way of Jesus with grace and peace

in our community and our world, trusting God in all things.

We are a church affiliated with:

The Christian Church (DOC)

Christian Church in Ohio


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