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Our Mission:​


To cultivate hope and love by living in the way of Jesus with grace and peace in our community and our world, trusting God in all things.

We are a church affiliated with:

The Christian Church (DOC)

Christian Church in Ohio


Harmony Springs Christian Church is a collective of creative and innovative Christians who take little for granted—not buildings, particular beliefs, governance structures, worship, or leadership models.   Our mission is to be a welcoming & progressive community of faith, seeking harmony in a world of dissonance—seeking spiritual moments of transformation through spiritual reflection, and service to the community.


We are rooted in the Disciples of Christ, which is a Christian movement for unity, inclusion and

wholeness.  Grounded in this tradition, we seek to intentionally welcome, support and affirm individuals seeking spiritual growth, while recognizing and celebrating who they are—their beliefs, age, gender, struggles, race, sexuality, and abilities.  


Our faith arises out of the belief that God is love, that God calls us to love one another, and that Jesus is the primary way that we as Christians understand what it means to love.  Like all Christian faith communities, we too arise out of a rich and complex Church history.  This history is full of meaningful spiritual disciplines, deep theological concepts, and diverse ecclesial (church) models, along with many tragic shortcomings.


We seek to be a community of faith that is innovative and flexible--one that is both challenging and inviting to those who don’t necessarily identify themselves as Christians.  We continue to go about discovering how to be Christian in an age of social media, globalization, and political instability.  We pick up where Christ left off—with seeking wholeness in a fragmented world, pushing back against injustice, embracing the marginalized, seeking health and healing for those in need, and forming community with friends and strangers.  


A few years ago we started envisioning what a new beginning might look like. At the end of 2012 we made a move from downtown Akron where we were known as High Street Christian Church to relocate to Green and changed our name to Harmony Springs Christian Church. Our church leadership opened the doors to our future by purchasing 9.2 acres in located on South Arlington Road, just south of 619 (between Turkeyfoot and Boettler) in the Spring Hill Development.


As a church, we have been reinventing, redesigning, and reexamining everything we do to be community-oriented and mission-minded. Without a building we have been creative - using the Giant Eagle community Room for community programming and Akron General Health & Wellness Center for Sunday services. As a church we began to reap the benefits of not being tied-down to a building. It has made us appreciative of each other, more creative in our ministry, and more connected with the community.


We’ve spent time dreaming about what a future building might look like and came up with an innovative and environmentally friendly design. We have plans for a 6,000 square foot facility to serve as the first phase of a community non-profit center. We think it’s kind of refreshing to be talking about building a community non-profit center that will house our church rather than a church that may or may not let non-profits and others use “our” building. 


During our annual meeting in 2018, our members approved a plan to begin building in 2019! The first step of the process is to raise the remaining 10% of our estimated building cost - $150,000 over the next three years. Pending a successful fundraising campaign, building will begin in the spring of 2019 to be completed by the end of the year. We look forward to a spring 2020 grand opening of this innovative community-oriented non-profit space.


To read more about our building plan – check out our building update.

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Harmony Springs Church

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Green | 10:30 am | sundays

Cle Clinic/AG wellness center | 1940 town park blvd. | uniontown