Whose leading this thing?

Everyone - We don't restrict. We have men, women, young, old, educated and people with lots of life experience all pitching in. We are a movement supported by individuals all working together to accomplish a goal. We have people who set vision and mission like our pastor and leadership, people who give financially to support the mission of Harmony Springs, people who setup, tear down, and everything in between. We encourage people to do things they love and take part in our 'movement for wholeness in Green.'

Why don't you have bulletins?

Being green is important to us. We do lots of little things like cuting down on what we print, recycling, and using reuseable cups. We know it causes a bit more work when the restaurant you are eating lunch at has a 'show your church bulletin and receive a 10% discount' on Sunday deal. We use it as an opportunity to surprise people with how green we are as a church. Being ahead of the curve as a church brings its challenges.

Your name is funny, where did that come from?

The two parts of our name have specific reasons: 


Harmony comes from our past. Like most people we have a past that has parts we might like to forget. Years ago we were a dying congregation that knew it needed to do something big, adventrous, and different to survive. As you might guess that caused some discord. The good news is that it allowed us to appreciate the harmony we now enjoy. So much so that we made it apart of our name. 


Springs comes from our future. We purchased 9.2 aces on Arlington Rd near the Boettler instersection. The housing development near there is called 'Spring Hill.' We wanted the people who live near our future church site to know we are a movement that is one with the community. So to reflect the surrounding neighborhood we took the name 'Springs.' There are also lots of references to water in scriptures. Like a spring we are a movement that draws from the living water of Christ which constantly flows into our lives and inspires us to love more fully.

How do you feel about the Browns this year?

We are eternal optimists who believe there is 'always next year!'

What is communion?

Communion is a symbolic meal everyone is invited to share to celebrate Jesus' life, teaching, and ultimate sacrifice. Jesus told his followers this as they finished what would be their final meal together. 


Our observance of the Lord's Supper echoes the final meal, when Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the living Christ is met and received in the sharing of the bread and the cup, representative of the body and blood of Jesus. The presence of the living Lord is affirmed and he is proclaimed in our lives.

I am not sure where I stand politically; is harmony springs liberal or conservative?

Neither and both (did you see that coming?). We stand for an individuals right to freely live out their understanding of faith and its implications on life including politics. Everyone at Harmony Springs has their own opinions. Our tradition of faith has a saying that goes, 'where there are two disciples there are three opinions.' We like to be independent which means we questions everything, grapple with faith, have vigorous discussions, and often come out in different places.  We encourage independent thinking.

Does allowing different perspectives/ beliefs work in a single church?

Harmony Springs is part of a 200 year old tradition that was formed on the American frontier by people fed up with denominations and factions separating Christians based on habits, dogma, and preferences.  They wisely decided that the faith in Jesus should be central and first - that any other belief would fall far secondary to their focus on Jesus. They understood that people would, by nature, be forming their own beliefs and should have permission and freedom to do so as their faith in Jesus informed.


However, unity and focus on Jesus must never be given second fiddle to any personal interpretation.  A motto of the early movement, "In essentials, unity; in opinions, liberty; in all things love." As a church works to live it out, it means that in every gathering, whether of 2 or 2000 people, there will be independent individuals of many different personal convictions. The church is a place of community, worship, and servanthood that brings individuals together to focus on Jesus.So, even when individual pastors, teachers, worship leaders and believers may vocalize their personal ideas, they speak for themselves.  Individual convictions, even when articulated from individuals holding positions of organizational prominence, should not be confused to override the unified focus on Jesus first, and the essential independent ethos of the church that places all personal conviction secondary.

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