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Our Lenten Project | Community Care Bags

What if Lent could be about more than just giving stuff up? What if it could be a time of generosity as well as spiritual discipline? Let's fill our Harmony Springs reusable bags with items for those in need.

During the Season of Lent join us in collecting items from the list below. If you are able to help this ministry by providing a Community Care Bag, drop the bag off at the church property on Saturday, April 3, 2021 between 2-3pm. If you are not able to make it that day, let us know when the bag is ready, and we will arrange a pick-up - just send an email to Donna at!

Community Care Bag Suggested Items:

Individual peel/pop-open: applesauce, jello, pudding, pasta, soup (wrapped spoon/spork)

Granola bars, raisins, popcorn/pretzels

Hairbrush/comb, toothbrush

Travel size: toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer


Rain poncho

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