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Harmony Springs Church launches #harmonysrising Project

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Harmony Springs Church located in Green, OH is launching a year long series of pop-up community service projects, fundraising, and free events to coincide with the construction of it's new building. The church is calling the new project #harmonysrising.

The volunteering opportunities, fundraising campaigns, and free community events will take place throughout the yearlong building project. 'We're exciting about the building, but just as excited for residents in Green to know we're building a movement of good in a community we care deeply about,' said Pastor Joel Engman, lead Pastor of the church. 'Its no gimmick, our building is going to be open for the same when its completed: community events, birthday parties, weddings, funraisers, community organizing and a wide variety of non-profit activites.'

The first pop-up event was held on Friday, June 5 at East Liberty Park where a group of church members volunteered to landscape and plant around the East Liberty Park sign as part of the City of Green's adopt-a-spot program.

'We've always enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with city leaders. When the city introduced the adopt-a-spot program we knew it was something our members would love to participate in. ' reports Pastor Jennifer Berlyoung, Pastor of Community Development at Harmony Springs.

The church has published a website for information about the project, information about each event, and to register to participate.

For more information on #harmonysrising and Harmony Springs Church building project:

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