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Cultivate With Us

We love the word cultivate.

Cultivate describes what we're doing together, not just symbolically but actually.


We cultivate hope when we plant green pepper seeds in the ground of harmony springs garden project so that everyone can flourish in Green.

We cultivate love when we collect weekend meal supplies for Blessings in Backpack children.

We cultivate love when we participate in Akron's pride festival wearing shirts that read 'we support the separation of church and hate.'

We cultivate hope when we light candles on All Saints Sunday to remember and give thanks for those we have lost but who live on in us.

We cultivate love when we visit downtown Akron homeless shelters with breakfast and conversation.

Come cultivate with us!

Join us on Sundays @ 10:30 at Akron General/Cleveland Clinic on Massillon Rd in Green or send us a note - ask us anything! 

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