Joel Engman

lead pastor

The truth is I squirm a little when people ask me what I do? When I say Pastor you probably already have some formed ideas about who I am:






did I mention judgmental?


I tend to surprise people though.


I relate to people who say they are 'spiritual but not religious.' I might be one of the least 'religious' Pastors you might ever meet. Awhile back I was having a drink (yes I drink and even consider myself a bit of a beer & wine aficionado) with a friend who looked at me and said 'You know Joel...I would go to your church!' That tends to be the response I get from people I know. I don't pretend to have all the answers. I ask just as many questions as I give answers and love to have meaningful conversations about life, spirituality, love, human nature, and faith with whomever I find across the table from me (hopefully enjoying something tasty)!  


I love to go to Cleveland Indians or Cavs games, ignore the Browns, and/or cheer on the University of Akron Zips! I have been married to my wife Emily since 2005 and we welcomed our daughter Jubilee into the world in 2013. In 2016 we adopted 3 boys from foster care - so we are a big family! We have a dog (a golden doodle we adopted in 2009). My wife and I love to travel (in 2012 we made our first overseas trip to Europe).


Emily and I are also licensed foster parents. In 2011 we began by caring for a sibling group of 6 kids (yeah we like to dive into things)! In 2016 we adopted 3 siblings who had lived with us in foster-care for two years - making us a BIG family of six. Now I drive a 12 passenger van - yes like the Amish haulers but less Amishy and more 'my other car is a hybrid' kinda situation. 


I started working with Harmony Springs in December of 2012. I was immediately impressed with Harmony Springs refusal to give up. The church tread through rough waters and came through stronger. I love serving a church that finds its mission in serving those around us, welcoming and appreciating all, and living out its mission creatively, nimbly and effectively. I like to say we are what people wish a church would be - we just decided to go ahead and do it.


Feel free to connect with me on facebook, twitter, instagram or email. 

Harmony Springs Church

PO Box 428

Uniontown, OH 44685

(330) 899-9785

Green | 10:30 am | sundays

Cle Clinic/AG wellness center | 1940 town park blvd. | uniontown