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Team Approach

We are people working together to accomplish our mission. We've found harmonious synergy happens when people are united by a shared purpose. 



We've done away with territorialism in favor of humble cooperation.


We've done away with endless talk and engineered ourselves for action.


We've minimalized time spent in meetings in favor of time spent impacting our community.


We focus on what we can do for others and cut down on self-centeredness.


Work of The People

We have a long storied history of trusting that every church member has the ability and skill to contribute effectively. 

We have church leaders who empower us, provide the resources needed and the prayer to guide us. You won't be alone when you join a team - others will work alongside you and church leaders will be there to support you.


Our Teams

Our teams can be fluid. Our church leaders often create them based on need, timing, and opportunity. Here's a current list of our teams. If something seems like an area you have skill or interest in we'd love to have you join in.


Just send a team inquiry note and we'll be in touch. It's that easy.


Join Us

Thanks for your interest in joining a harmony springs team. We'll be in touch soon :)

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