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Planting Day is Here! Saturday, May 19th

Join us this Saturday, May 19th from 9-11 AM for our annual community garden planting day! We'll be putting our plants in the ground with hopes for a bountiful growing season! Come help stake off rows, dig holes, transfer plants, put down bio-degradable newspaper to keep the weeds down and get our community garden plants started with water and a prayer.

As our season gets underway, many plants have been purchased and are ready to go into the ground. A map has been drawn, and we're ready to go! Bring gloves, tools, and any other items you think are helpful for planting.

PLEASE BRING ANY NEWSPAPERS YOU HAVE so we can use them as a weed barrier.

* IF YOU HAVE a post-hole digger (or a tool to pound posts into the ground), please bring it - we will need to erect a fence as well. AND a staple gun - I will bring one, but two would be helpful.

Come join us ready to get down and dirty! Wear gardening clothes, bring garden gloves, garden tools and/or a watering can if you have one!

Harmony Springs community Garden grows produce which we provide to Green Good Neighbors - our local food pantry that assists those struggling with food insecurity and hunger.

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