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Full to the Brim | Harmony Springs Lenten Theme Resources

Lent is a time to journey inwards and to evaluate the things that fill our time so as to make room for practices that bring us meaning and a more expansive life.

The scriptures for this Lenten season are filled with parables and promises of God’s abundant and expansive grace. Jesus as a mother hen, a prodigal son welcomed home, a fig tree nurtured with care and hope, precious oil poured out lovingly and freely, stones shouting out with praise —these sacred texts are brimming with a gospel of grace. We’ve done nothing to deserve or earn this grace, and yet, like water, it spills over. Full to the Brim is an invitation—into a radically different Lent, into a full life. It’s an invitation to be authentically who you are, to counter scarcity and injustice at every turn, to pour out even more grace wherever it is needed. It disrupts the scarcity mentality that capitalism, oppression, or hierarchy can plant inside of us. When we allow ourselves to be filled to the brim with God’s lavish love, that love spills over. It reaches beyond ourselves; like water, it rushes and flows, touching everything in its path.

To help us on this journey here are some Full to the Brim Resources:

Full to the Brim Devotional Booklet (Digital)

Download PDF • 6.50MB

Full to the Brim Devotional Booklet (Printable)

Download PDF • 30.66MB

Full to the Brim reflective Assessment Tool

Download PDF • 92KB

Full to the Brim Lenten Poetry

Download PDF • 722KB

Each Full to the Brim Sunday & Wednesday Gathering will have a helpful focus to aid in your journey

March 2 | 6:30 PM

Ash Wednesday

Ecclesiastes 3:1-14, 16-20 (INCL)

March 6 | 10:30 AM

1st Sunday of Lent

Luke 4:1-13

Deuteronomy 26:1-11

Even in the Desert

Wednesday, March 9 | 7 PM (online only)

Leader: Pastor Kim Barnett

March 13, 2022

2nd Sunday of Lent

Daylight Savings begin

Luke 13:31-35

Psalm 27

Under Gods Wing

Wednesday, March 16 | 7 PM (online only)

Leaders: Terry Fairfax and Mary Culver-Flint

March 20, 2022

3rd Sunday of Lent

Luke 13:1-9

Isaiah 55:1-9

You are Worthy

Wednesday, March 23 | 7 PM (online only)

Leaders: Tom & Debbie Benjamin

March 27, 2022

4th Sunday of Lent

Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Prodigal Grace

Wednesday, March 30 | 7 PM (online only)

Leader: Kevin Poe

April 3, 2022

5th Sunday of Lent

John 12:1-8

Isaiah 43:16-21

Brazen Acts of Beauty

Wednesday, April 6 | 7 PM (online only)

Leader: Darleen Slater

April 10, 2022

Palm Sunday

Luke 19:28-40

Even the Stones Cry Out

April 14, 2022

Wednesday, April 13 | 7 PM (online only)

Leader: Pastor Joel

Maundy Thursday | 6:30 PM

John 13:1-17, 31b-35

Take Off Your Shoes

April 17, 2022


Luke 24:1-12

An Expansive Life

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