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March 22 Virtual Worship Agenda

Follow along with our virtual worship.

March 22, 2020 | 4th Sunday of Lent

Virtual Gathering amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Liturgical Color: Purple

Welcome & Check in Pastor Joel

Prayer & Meditation/Lord’s Prayer Rev. Kim Barnett

We are a church that supports each other in trials and celebrates together in the joys of life. If you have a joy to give thanks for or a concern to be prayed for we encourage you to email it to us.

Pastor Joel, call/text 330-347-5030

Donna,, 330-899-9785

Centering Song ‘Walk in the Light’ (Spiritual) Terry Fairfax

Scripture Genesis 1:1-4; I John 1:5-7a (CEV) Pastor Kim

Meditation Fearless Spirituality, Breakthrough Prayer ,‘Let there be Light’ Pastor Joel

Response & Discussion

Communion Invitation and Words of Institution Pastor Jennifer

Communion Prayer

Community Announcements Pastor Joel

Virtual Gatherings This Week: Sundays 1 PM Youth Hangout with Kevin Middle School/High School Youth virtual hangout with youth and justice intern, Kevin Poe. Talk about what's going on, process coronavirus and catch up. Tuesdays 10:30 AM Staff & Leadership Virtual Check-in Wednesdays 7 PM Virtual Book Study Discussion | Real Christianity by William Wilberforce, led by Walt Poe

Mail or Give Online

Children Easter Coloring Sheet for Shut-ins Debbie MacDonald

Camp Registrations – no money due, May 1 EB deadline

Youth fundraiser – Spring Chocolates

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Children's Easter Coloring Sheet

During the coronavirus pandemic let's brighten the days of our Harmony Springs elder friends and members. If you have children who love to color - print out these pictures and mail them to Debbie MacD

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Pastor Joel Engman
Pastor Joel Engman
Mar 22, 2020

In our discussion after the sermon, we came up with some ideas on how we can be the church full of light in the midst of darkness in all its forms.

We discussed how the building design harmony springs is planning could easily be used for community needs when they arise like this to make masks or gather supplies or to be used as a shelter.

We discussed how life events like this bring the essential practices of life to the top of our list. Those practices can easily get replaced when things go back to normal but we have to be intentional about keeping them part of our life and ministry.

What else is the coronavirus pandemic reminding us…

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