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10:30 Prayers for a Fearless Church

On March 1 we wrote prayers for Harmony Springs during on Sunday gathering.

Will you join our pastors, staff and leadership in praying together, from wherever we are, at 10:30AM and then again at 10:30 PM each day for our ministry together?

At 10:30 AM/PM each day say a fearless prayer for Harmony Springs. Let's join together daily to ask God to accomplish something in us that would be impossible if not for God's supernatural resources. Your prayer doesn't have to be long, just courageous.

Here are some ideas those present on the first Sunday of Lent suggested:

- That our church will grow.

- As the church "grows" new roots in this community, show us the way to continue to branch out and spread the good work into deeper areas especially those we may not even be aware of yet.

- Lord, Help us to get through each day and look to You for strength.

- Holy Spirit Holy Spirit come guide us.

- Lord, Grant us the presence of mind and soul to trust in you in all things without interruption.

- Lord surprise us! Help us see beyond our finite limitations.

- Lord, Help us to lean not on our own understanding, but to trust in you. For with you, all things are possible. Let us not be distracted from your mission and calling for our lives. Allow us to be conduits of hope and peace for all whom we encounter. Remove the human nature from our actions and move through us.

- May God truly bring us ideas that we cannot currently fathom - and the bravery to do it!

- Help the church to be the change we want to see in the world.

- Lord, Lead us to share the truth and power of faith and fellowship with our world through your example and words.

- I pray for our church to have the courage and strength to learn and adopt these new prayer practices so that as a congregation we will continue to grow in faith and love!

- Thy will be done.

- That we always humbly search for truth and we are filled with the Holy Spirit who will fill us with wisdom and love.

- Push us to keep moving forward in growing our church to be a light for Thee no matter how small or large your plan is for Harmony Springs.

- Dear Lord, Help us focus on your words when you were on earth, that we would feed the hungry, comfort the sick and sad, visit the prisoner and welcome the stranger.

- Helping each other in love and giving.

- Help us to be a 'better' people, to help in everything you want me to do!! Today and always.

- ❤ Love - Thankfulness - Peace - Wisdom - Bravery - Compassion - Strength - Courage

- We will find all the finances we need.

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