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STOP new years resolutions

When the year changes we are often faced with questions:

How did last year go?

What do I want to accomplish this year?

We take the answers to those questions and make resolutions.

Resolutions are often activities we want to start.

Start going to the gym.

Start running.

Start reading more.

What about resolutions to stop?

The new year is an opportunity to evaluate and change. What will you stop in 2015?

Beginning Jan. 11th we'll take a look at 6 things to stop this year (and it doesan't include smoking - all though you know thats not good for you right?)

Jan. 11 Stop Waiting

Jan. 18 Stop Doubting Yourself

Jan. 25 Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Feb. 1 Stop showing and telling everything to everyone

Feb. 8 Stop comparing yourself to others

Feb. 15 Stop saying “yes” all the time.

Say yes to this series though and then you can stop saying 'yes' all the time!


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