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Lenten Devotional and Discussion Groups

During the time of Lent we are encouraging you to order a copy of the new Lenten Devotional 'Fellowship of Prayer' by Traci Smith.

“Lent is a journey, but so is this life.” In daily posts with titles like “Cleaning House,” “Peach Pie,” and “Standing on the Wings,” Traci Smith relates present day experiences to provide context for Lent, with accompanying scripture and a prayer for each day’s reading.

During Lent, Pastor Joel will be preaching on a devotional from the week. There will also be a prayer and discussion group on Wednesday mornings at the church office at 9:30 am, a Sunday morning discussion group at 9:30 am.

Ordered copies will be available at the Ash Wednesday service, Feb. 18 and thereafter.

fellowship of prayer book.jpg

in the Atrium at AGMC Wellness Center, and an online Facebook discussion group.

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