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Feedback from Worship Without Walls Sunday

A local church in Canton wrote on their facebook page, '

What is the church for in today's world? Are we meant to be a group of people who tend to a building? Are we meant to join together for worship once a week and then go about life as usual?

Maybe there's more. Maybe God has called us to BE the exist beyond a building. To exist beyond policies and procedures and meetings. To exist beyond doing things simply because they've always been done. To think beyond the minutae and to look at the BIG PICTURE that God is creating before our eyes. We are called to exist. To exist for the amazing purpose and responsibility to serve as God intended.

Friends, the church has many responsibilities and opportunities in our world today.

We are rescue workers in times of human and natural disaster. We are caregivers during crisis in our communities. We are advocates and voices in our communities against violence and hate.

We are prophetic people of faith, who share in the responsibility of creating a peaceful, loving, just, and equal society - where all of God's children enjoy the same opportunities and gifts that God has shared with us all.

We are the hands and feet of God who work to build homes for those without shelter and to prepare meals for those who feel the pain of hunger each and every day.

My friends, the church in the world today is more than brick and mortar, far far more. The church in the world today is us. It is a humanity filled with a passion for following Jesus and serving as he taught us to serve and to spread love - true, agape love, and comfort to our communities and our world.

Last Sunday we decided to do just that!

Here are some comments we received,

A Greenview Inn resident shared, after receiving communion, 'I have not had communion for 5 months and was so glad to have it today.'

A Nurse from Akron General Medical Center called the church office to say 'thank you for thinking of us with cookies and gift cards.'

The firemen at the Green fire department were happy to receive us and even showed our kids around the fire station.

Our own memebers shared,

'It was a truly marvelous morning. I got so inspired watching the choir sing. Worship without walls , amazing.'

'great morning, should do it more often.'

'thought today was great!! I loved that we looked packed into our worship space! I was so pleased with how many people showed up. :) I loved what we were doing, and actually wish I could have done all 3 groups! This was a great way to worship. We should do it again...'

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