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Christmas Eve-Eve Service 7 PM | AGMC

Christmas is a special time for families to gather, but usually we try to squeeze all the family gatherings, meals, and events as close to Christmas as possible. A few years ago we thought we'd lighten our mutual obligations and move our typical Christmas eve service to the night before: Christmas Eve-Eve. It turns out everyone loved it!

Put our 2016 Christmas Eve-Eve Service on your holiday schedule, Friday, December 23 at 7 PM. We'll have the Merry Caroling Quartet join us (they dress up in authentic caroling garb) in addition to our bell choir, vocal choir and praise band. We'll sing lots of Carols and light candles together (our signature 'battery-powered-candle-lighting.')

Church is at Your House on Christmas Day!

We are a church that believes our faith is best practiced not just on Sunday mornings but also wherever and whenever we are. To that end we are encouraging you to spend Christmas day (Sunday this year) with your family and loved ones instead of rushing around to get to church.

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