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2017 - 5th Sunday #DOCweareONE Luncheons Begin Jan. 29th

On Fifth (5th) Sundays in 2017 Harmony Springs will gather together for Unity Luncheons. In our busy lives it's easy to pass by others without really knowing them. Church has always been a place for community and community best happens around a table. We'll eat together each fifth Sunday immediately following church on those days (usually around 11:45 PM).

The church will provide the main course, tableware and drinks for each unity lunch - and you can bring something too!

For this first luncheon - we divide up dishes this way to make sure we don't just have a table full of brownies (although there isn't anything wrong with that)!

January 29, 2017 Luncheon | Liz Iler Preparing Ham

Last Name A-H -| Salads

last Name I-P | Potatoes or Vegetable

Last Name Q-Z | Dessert


Here's some more info on #DOCweareONE:

Jordan “JD” White saw something he didn’t like and decided to do something about it. “Seeing the divisions that we have, and my generation becoming less connected or being too busy for God, I saw that we have a problem.”

With the help of his friends from committees, church camp and school, he came up with a plan based on his study of the history of the denomination. He instituted the #DOCWeAreOne hashtag.

During 2017 Harmony Springs will practice and celebrate our unity by (what else) eating together immediately after church on 5th Sundays (January 29, April 30, July 30, October 29 and December 31)! This is a Generally Assembly Year (the bi-annual gathering of our covenant network of churches) and the theme is 'One!' Read more about GA here: Nationwide we will be celebrating our unity on the 5th Sundays by wearing red and posting on social media using the tag #DOCweareOne.

During our fifth Sunday Luncheons wear red, something with either harmony springs or a chalice logo on it, snap a pic and post it! Maybe you want to bring a red jello salad or another red dish!

What fun! To buy a shirt, hoodie, polo with a chalice logo check this out: To Read about the #DOCweareONE tag started by a young DOC in KY read this article

If you are a history buff and want to read a brief intro into our history of unity as a guiding star - read this.

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