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Jesus Christ Superstar Lenten Series

Harmony Springs Christian Church invites you to explore the final week of Jesus’ life through the characters of acclaim Rock Opera ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’

Pastor Joel will present the biblical accounting of the last week of Jesus’ life paired with an exploration of the characters portrayed in Jesus Christ Superstar. The series will conclude on Easter Sunday April 1, 2018 when NBC will air a live production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

From its opening on Broadway in 1971 Jesus Christ Superstar has generated acclaim and controversy. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice focus their famous rock opera on the final week of Jesus’ life, particularly on the complex characters and swirling events which were part of his trial and crucifixion.

If the Bible is anything it is thought-provoking. Harmony Springs embraces thoughtful reflection and conversation. To that end Pastor Joel plans to present several of the important questions Jesus Christ Superstar raises. Among them are the inevitable tension between God’s will and human freedom, struggles with temptation, , misunderstanding and betrayal, the experience and expression of both divine and human love, and the relationship—often, the clash— between God’s rule of truth and grace and “the powers that be."

Jesus Christ Superstar raises many more questions than it answers, and even some of its answers give rise to further questions. We take seriously all kinds of questions about what it means to be authentically human, to love God and our neighbors, and to follow Jesus.

Join us, beginning on Sunday, February 18 for the opening Act of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar: An Exploration into the final week.’

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