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Easter @harmony springs

Easter Celebration | April 1, 2018 | 10:30 AM

Cleveland Clinic-AGMC Health & Wellnbess Center (Green)

1940 Town Park Blvd.

Uniontown, OH 44685

On the jacket of the original single, "Superstar," the record company printed a quote from Martin Sullivan, the Dean of St. Paul’s in London, "There are some people who may be shocked by this record. I ask them to listen to it and think again. It is a desperate cry. Who are you, Jesus Christ?’

Who are you Jesus Christ? Has haunted his early disciples, apostles, devotees, scholars, historians, sociologists, theologians, saints, politicians, and certainly everyday people like you and me.

Join us as we ask, 'Who are you, Jesus Christ?' Our Easter service will be full of inspiring music and spiritual insight. Children will be invited to receive an Easter gift from the church and participate in an Easter Egg Hunt. It's the perfect way to start your Easter holiday :)

Children's Chime Choir | Bell Choir | Chorale Music | Music from Jesus Christ Superstar | Inspiring Speech | and an Invitation to Communion (open to all)

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