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Women's Circle collecting for Hattie Larlham in April

Harmony Springs continues our long-standing partnership with Hattie Larlham. During the past few years we have partnered with Hattie’s ‘Constant Companions’ programs in Green and North Canton. Our Annie Minck circle makes regular visits to the North Canton location and have been honored to have them join us at OWLS meetings. Most recently we enjoyed a spring/Easter party with our friends at Constant Companions.

At Constant Companions adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities benefit from shared social interaction and group activities. Community inclusion and involvement is large part of Constant Companion's appeal. Program participants and staff take regular field trips to Northeast Ohio organizations and engage in recreation activities. We are proud to host, volunteer, partner with, and donate to the inclusive work Hattie Larlham does in our community.

The Annie Minck Circle is collecting items for Hattie Larlham Constant Companion program and invite you to bring items in the month of April which we be delivered in May. Show your support by placing your donation on the back table (where we have community events and prayer board) on Sundays.

To read more about the work of Hattie Harlham and Constant Companions:

Items for Hattie Larlham Constant Companions

dish soap

Clorox disinfectant wipes


Temptation Cat Treats





non-dairy coffee creamer

construction paper

13 gallon trash bags

8 gallon trash bags

Aerosol Lysol Spray

paper plates

paper cups

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