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Represent Harmony Springs at City of Green Memorial Day Parade May 28

We need you to help represent Harmony Springs! Memorial Day Parade Monday, May 28, 2018 We're looking for walkers, bikers, riders and dogs to join us as we walk in the memorial day parade this Monday, May 28. Help us launch a new community campaign we're calling:

'Build-Together' Build together is a public campaign inviting community members to contribute to our building project! We've decided to embark on building a community-center/non-profit hub that we also use for church on Sundays, rather than a traditional church building that we 'might' let community groups use. This community-driven approach is innovative and unexpected for a church. It's a strong message we're sending - we care so much about the community that even our future building will be a hub of community development, organizing and good. Come join us between 9-9:30 AM on Monday at Green High School, 1474 Boettler Rd. in Green. The parade kicks off at 10 am. We'll be handing out Build Together play balls, inflating balloons and decorating the Engman's Van and Berlyoung's Truck! Donate to the Cause! Help us out by bringing/donating candy we can hand out to sugar-starved children. Just bring them on Sunday to church! The more hands and help the better!

The Details:

What to wear:

Wear your Harmony Springs Shirt (there are a lot of versions out there -all are fine)


The parade steps off at 10 am - so be there by then!

Most of us show up between 9-9:30 to get everything ready.

The parade takes about an hour or little more. The route is about a mile (slightly uphill and it does move at a fast pace at times) If you'd like to ride along - we have plenty of room in the Engman's van and/or Berlyoung's truck. You can help by handing out promotional items to our walkers and throwing candy.


We line up in the Parking lot of:

Green High School

1474 Boettler Rd

Uniontown, OH 44685

Park at the FedEx building across the street and walk over.

What to bring:

Bikes - if you'd like to bike the route with us - we'll tie some balloons on your bikes.

Your dog - bring a doggie to greet the community.

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