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You Can Give the Sermon on Sunday, June 3

The best sermons aren't the most eloquent ones - they happen when we walk in the way of Jesus - who calls us to serve those around us. That's why, from the first day we set up shop in Green we were determined to be a church embedded in our community. On Sunday, June 3rd you can 'give' the sermon by serving. We’re putting a hold on ‘church-as-usual’ and working together to do a lot of good! We're deciding to BE the church in addition to gathering for church. The goal is to BE a church that walks in the way of Jesus more than one hour per week on Sundays. Our sermons aren’t just given by the Pastor – but by Every. Single. Member. Here are the details: Meet at Cleveland Clinic-AGMC at the normal 10:30 AM time (classes at 9:30 AM). We’ll sing a song, receive communion, and offer a prayer. After this we’ll disperse to our service sites. Please wear your Harmony Springs shirt if you have one and take lots of pictures for social media! Here are the sites you can sign up to ‘give your sermon’: Packing Homeless Kits Leader: Stephanie Hudzik Site: Cleveland Clinic/AGMC We’ve been collecting supplies to make homeless kits that can be distributed to homeless friends we run into. The kits will include basic care/hygiene supplies that can be useful. If you’d like to bring a donation – here’s what we’re putting in the kits: socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand cloth, bar of soap, poncho, chewing gum, a few dollars. We also need gallon size zip lock bags. We’ll be packing these supplies together to make them available to distribute. Adopt-a-Site City Flower Planting Leader: Janice Cuckler Site: Spring Hill Soccer Fields 3749 Fortuna Dr, Akron, OH 44312 This group will be planting flowers through the city’s adopt-a-site program. If you have gardening/planting tools, gardening gloves – bring them along. We’ll be planting around the soccer complex signage. The city is even going to put our church name on a sign nearby. Community Garden Build-a-Shed/Water Collection System Leaders: Jennifer & Dan Berlyoung Site: Harmony Springs Community Garden 3891 S Arlington Rd. Uniontown, OH 44685 This group will be assembling a new outdoor gardening shed and water collection system (we got a city grant for) at our community garden. If you’ve never been out to our church property to see the garden – this is the perfect time! Bring drills, hammers, and assembly tools Our community garden provides fresh produce that we donate to Green Good Neighbors on a weekly basis all summer long!

Let us know you’re coming! ---> signup online <---

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