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Dinners of 8 Begins August-October - Signup now!

Spirituality + Community + Action


Everybody’s invited to dinner!

A chance to laugh, eat, get to know some new people, and just kick back for an hour or two over dinner. “Dinners of 8” is for everyone who’s part of or new to Harmony Springs! “Dinners of 8” will take place during the months of August, September and October. These informal gatherings are a fun way for us to build community, support each other, and deepen our friendships. The last time we formed these groups some went out to lunch after church, other groups rotated hosting dinner parties at their homes and at least one group kept meeting together!

The idea is that the groups gather in one another's homes or plan to go out to eat. If in homes the groups share the task of cooking by each bringing something to share. If you go out to eat, it's each one pay for themselves (married couples - you can figure it out for yourselves!) There's no agenda - just a chance for people to get to know one another in a less formal setting!

Once you've signed up a coordinator will be in touch with you to let you know your groups contact information and to arrange the first gathering! We'll try to pair you with at least one or two people you know and some you may not know well. Signup online right now or in person on Sundays to get your name in before groups are formed!

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