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Re<>connect<>ing Capital Campaign Launches

Harmony Springs Christian Church, formerly known as High Street Christian Church, is launching our final building capital campaign before breaking ground on a new, permanent gathering place.

We're launching this campaign with the hopes of receiving commitments for at least $150,000 over the next three years, so that we can build our new 6,000 sq. ft. community-oriented space this year!!

The purpose of our effort is to build this permanent space, and also to grow and expand our connection with God, our neighbors, our past, and our future.

This vision to become a thriving church in Green began in 2009 when we purchased 9.2 acres along Arlington Rd near Boettler. In the years since, we have sold the High Street building, and also raised just over 1 million dollars for the project, thanks to generous donations. This RE<>CONNECT<>ING CAMPAIGN will help us complete the vision that began a decade ago, and give us the final 10% of funds needed to break ground and complete the building project this year!

In the coming weeks, Harmony Springs will focus on four areas of RE<>CONNECT<>ING that a new building will unlock for us. During the first week, we'll focus on connect<>ing with God. In week two, we'll discuss how this new building will enhance our ability to <>connect<> with our neighbors in Green, and pray over the property following worship. Then, in the third week, we'll focus on how this new phase of ministry will allow us to re<>connect with our past, which will include the opening of the time capsule placed at High Street in 1978. The final week will focus on the future connect<>ing we'll be able to do, with our guest speaker, Craig Walls, Building and Capital Services Advisor, Disciples Church Extension Fund. A celebration lunch will also follow this service.

We hope you're as excited as we are to be a part of, and contributing to, building these connections.

Make a pledge online right now to help us meet our $150,000 goal over the next three years!

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