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Unbinding Your Heart Series | Begins April 28 - June 2

For Harmony Springs, Easter is not just one day, but rather a 50-day celebration. The season of Easter, or Eastertide, begins at sunset on the eve of Easter and ends on Pentecost, the day we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church (see Acts 2).Easter is also more than just an extended celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. In the early church, Lent was a season for those dedicated to living in the way of Jesus to learn about faith and prepare for baptism on Easter Sunday. Likewise, the initial purpose of Eastertide, the 50-day Easter season was to continue spiritual formation.Today, this extended season gives us time to rejoice and experience what it means when we say Christ is risen. It’s the season when we dedicate ourselves to this movement of resurrection.

I want to invite you to join me in an exciting Eastertide opportunity to carry the torch of Christ's resurrection into our lives and the lives of others called 'unbinding your heart.'As “Easter people,” we believe resurrections are possible in our hearts, in our community and in our world. It'd be easy to give up on ourselves and each other - but that leaves Christ in the tomb.

The tomb wouldn't hold Jesus - and if we commit to living in the way of Jesus - it won't hold us either.

Will you join me in 50 days of unbinding our hearts? I believe if we do this together - all of us - we'll deepen our spiritual awareness, experience freedom in our lives and as a church God will guide and direct us in ways we never imagined.This book study is about untying the knots that keep us from living exciting lives” … with God and with each other. “It’s about unbinding the Good News that God adores us and everyone else, that God has shown this to us through Jesus Christ.”* It’s also a prayer journal with many forms of classic Christian prayer included in the daily prayers that accompany the study. If you love and support Harmony Springs will you participate in this 6-week small group study? You can share in the group experience with no pressure to “do” anything other than read each week’s chapter, do the daily prayer exercises and attend six meetings. You can signup right now for one of four groups were hosting. Signup to participate in a discussion/study group

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