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Fearless Spirituality, Breakthrough Prayers Series

Sunday Gathering | 10:30 AM | CC-AG Health & Wellness Center

March 1 - 29

Feeling stuck, stagnant or even sinking? We've all been there. It may be time for a spiritual breakthrough! During this series Pastor Joel will explore ancient big, bold prayers of people stuck but determined.

During these Lenten weeks learn from ancient prayers and begin to incorporate their words into your spirtual practice. Whatever your circumstance the prayers of these ancients can guide your own prayers and practice to fearlessly breakthrough.

Each week will study a different circumstance and associated prayer and then provide an opportunity to practice and incorporate the words into your own spiritual life.

Week 1 | ‘upsurge’

Week 2 | ‘be not afraid’

Week 3 | ‘let there be light’

Week 4 | 'holy surrender’

Week 5 | ‘pickaxe’

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