• Pastor Joel Engman

Yoga + Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, February 24 | 6:30-7:30 PM | CC-AG Health & Wellness Center

This free meditative yoga session led by instructor Mary Culver-Flint will guide you into a centered place of being. Musician Terry Fairfax will provide meditative musical accompanment. Inspirational poetry and ancient texts will leave you inspired to embrace every moment of the Lenten season - that time when winter fades, the days grow longer and the cacophany of bird songs begin to fill the air.

Yoga helps deepen our sense of finite being by centering us in the moment. The ancient Christian practice of smearing ash on our foreheads reminds us to inhale our finitude and exhale connectedness with the reality that every moment is a gift.

This is the perfect class if you are a yoga novice or would prefer to participate using a chair (chair yoga). All levels of yoga experience are welcome, bring a mat if you have one.


Green | 10:30 am | online sundays

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