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Harmony Springs launches Coronavirus Mutual Aid fund for residents of Green, OH

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April 6, 2020

Harmony Springs Church, whose mission is to 'cultivate hope and love’ while being deeply connected to the community, has launched a mutual aid fund to assist those struggling during the coronavirus pandemic in Green, OH.

Formerly High Street Christian Church of Akron, Harmony Springs Church has been meeting without a building since 2012, allowing it to designate a large percentage of its budget to community needs. “Involvement in the community is where hope and love can be cultivated in people's lives,' said Jennifer Berlyoung, Pastor of Community Development.

According to Pastor Joel Engman, 'This mutual aid fund seems like the best way the church can respond during the coronavirus pandemic. People are isolated, worried, and out of work. We want people to know that our church can extend a loving embrace without gathering in a building. In fact, we’ve been operating without a building of our own for years. Not having a building has allowed us to generously share more of our resources with the community we love.’

Recently the church received approval from the City of Green's Planning and Zoning Commission to begin construction of a new multiuse community hub located on Arlington Rd near Boettler in Green. 'We've known that the church should not be defined by a building for years now,' said Engman. Church is where people are being helped, dignity is restored, and people are treated with unconditional positive regard.' If this mutual aid fund cultivates hope and love in people’s lives who are feeling alone, desperate and anxious, we’re being the church. Green doesn’t need another church building for that – it needs people willing to be the church reaching out to help our neighbors where they are.’

To make a donation to Harmony Springs mutual aid fund or to request assistance, visit the church’s mutual aid informational website:

Donations can be mailed to Harmony Springs Church marked ‘Mutual Aid Fund’ PO Box 428 Uniontown, OH 44685. The church can be reached at (330) 899-9785. The church is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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