Why Eat Local??

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Hello friends,

We all know why we should buy local, but please consider why “eating local” is also important.

If we look at large-scale food production today, we can see that food production can be very destructive. Industrial agriculture is often responsible for many unseen, environmental problems like deforestation, nutrient pollution, and land degradation.

Because we are kept separate from this production, we are also detached from experiencing the consequences of it. But these consequences do exist somewhere for someone. The methods of mass food production are often not sustainable.

By participating in our local food system, not only are we helping to spur our regional economy and support small scale farmers, we are also choosing to obtain our food from a source that is more likely to be sustainable. We are likely to see the positive and negative impacts of the farmer’s practices. If we see an increase in algal blooms, for example, we are witnessing the consequences of excessive fertilizer usage or unhealthy waste management practices.

We can support with our dollar the type of agriculture we want to see. We can be more involved than just grabbing what’s available at the grocery store. Food is one way that we can connect ourselves, or root ourselves, (pun intended) to our community and economy. We can use local food to support our own health, the health or our environment, and our neighbors. I think that is just beautiful.

From your fellow locavore,



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