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Draft Building Plans | Update from Trustees

During the first quarter of 2018 the trustees have continued to concentrate their efforts on the development of the Arlington Road property. There were several discussions with local contractors and, as a result, three contractors have provided the trustees their recommended plans to develop the property and have provided associated cost estimates. The three contractors (and links to their building plans) are:

The building designs proposed by each contractor were very similar. The building square footage varied from 5,000 to 7,000 square feet. Each design contained a sanctuary/multi-purpose room that could accommodate approximately 150 people. Each of the designs also contained an entry area, rest rooms, a serving kitchen, an office, two class rooms and storage rooms. Each contractor proposed a parking lot accommodating approximately 100 parking spaces.

The discussions with the contactors have given the trustees important information about the development of the property. For example, the contractors pointed out that the soil and wetland reports indicates the soil is very wet and, as a result, we will have to take special steps to prepare the soil before putting in roads, parking lots and a church building. Based on the data in these reports each of the contractors also recommended that we not locate a building at the front of the property. It would be way too costly to prepare the soil for a building foundation. Locating the building and associated parking lot in the middle of the property appears to be the best option. Also, the city of Green will require the majority of the building exterior to be a masonry material. For example, be made of either brick and/or stone. Also, if we do follow our plans to initially put a gravel access road to the garden, the city of green will require that the first 50-100 feet be paved. This will add cost to price of putting in the access road.

Of the three contractors, Welty Builders appeared to put the most effort into their cost estimate. They had analyzed the soil and wetlands reports and had cost estimates to locate a building at the front, middle and back of the property. Their estimate to put a 5,000 square feet building, road and parking lot on the property is 1.1 million dollars. The cost estimate from Freeman Building Systems to put a 5,685 square feet building, road and parking lot is 1.5 million dollars as was the estimate from Joseph A. Jeffries for a 7,000 square feet building. These cost estimates represent a challenge for us. We currently have $779,000.00 in our building fund. Another concern is that we have to utilize some of the interest from our building funds to cover operating expenses.

At a recent leadership meeting the elders and trustee reviewed the building plans, estimates, and our financial outlook. The consensus was to prayerfully take time for discernment and to work on developing a financial plan. During this time of discernment and planning, interest from the building funds will grow helping to bridge the gap between the money we have and the money we need to begin building.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me or any of the trustees. Please continue to prayerfully support the leadership team as we discern our direction forward.

Chair of the Trustees

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