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Winter Solstice Bonfire December 21, 2018

Friday, December 21 | 6 PM

"Eat, Drink, send off some flying wish paper and be Merry!"

(We're pretty sure that's a direct quote).

Let’s light a big-ole bonfire on our property on Arlington Rd.

Come proclaim a bold/BIG/bright look-away-because-you-can't look-directly-at-it bonfire-hope in the middle of a field surrounded by darkness. You know, the kind of symbolically hopefully act that screams 'HEY WORLD! - YOU CAN"T TAKE US DOWN!'


Winter & the holidays can be hard. We often miss people we love. As winter draws closer and darker we often experience seasonal depression. The daylight gets shorter and we struggle to find light in the darkness. There are times that we need more than just lighting a candle during a church service- we need more than comfort. We need to light something up.

The Details:

If you're joining us from the Spring Hill development we're just a short walk. If you're driving in you can park at Emerld Ridge Apartments (few spots along Arlington across the street), in the Spring Hill development adjacent to the church proerty to walk down), or if you have a truck/4-wheel drive you can drive down the garden access road which weaves it way back to our garden. We'll be setting up the bonfire and a couple of pop up tents where our community garden is. Bring a lawn/camping chair, dress warm, and bring a flashlight. We'll have drinks (for both adults and kids), smore making supplies and roasting sticks.


local libations | 6 pm

Solstice Reading | 6:15 pm

Solstice bonfire sing-along | 6:30 pm

Flying Wish Paper launching ceremony | 6:45 pm

Music, smores & revelry | 7 pm

For more information or questions call Jennifer Berlyoung, Pastor of Community Development at 330-807-8072 or email her at

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