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Good Friday Eve House Gatherings

Thursday, April 18

We're gathering to socialize and remember Jesus and the disciples who started a movement of hope and love for all people. Bring a dish to share. We'll eat together, socialize and read the Good Friday Eve (Maunday Thursday) story in which Jesus gathered with his disciples in an upper room to commemorate Passover. During that holy night Jesus started speaking gibberish about how the food they were sharing were his life and how he was planning to give it as a gift to the entire world. In remembrance of his life and death we'll break holy bread together and drink in his honor. This is a pick your own location adventure :) We're hosting gatherings at the Cuckler's home (before music practice), The Bells (family friendly and for those who don't mind children), and the Berlyoungs. Signup for a location online:

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