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High Street Christian Church Time Capsule Opening | Sunday, May 5 2019

Join us as we open the cornerstone time capsule live during Sunday service on Sunday, May 5 at 10:30 AM. We'll be joined by some of the original High Street Church members that placed the time capsule and we'll be sharing memories and best wishes from the church staff of 1978. The cornerstone opening service will include music from the original dedication service as well as a reunion choral performance of John MacDonald's 'Sing to the Lord a new song.' In 1976, members of the iconic Akron congregation High Street Christian Church, now known as Harmony Springs Christian Church, were still healing from a historic fire when they created a time capsule, enclosed it in heavy, welded steel, and buried it into the cornerstone of their rebuilt sanctuary. In 2017 when the building was sold, Chair of the trustees, Clark Reed leaped into action. “I knew it was there, so I made plans to return the next day with a hammer and chisel from home to see if I could break it loose.” It took him hours to accomplish this feat, but he managed to chip around the edges enough to break it free. He was even able to carry it to his car, and get it inside his home for safekeeping, despite being over 70 years old. “Yes, that was quite an adventure, and quite a story to tell”, said Reed. Now that Harmony Springs brand new facility on their expansive piece of land on S. Arlington Rd. in Green will be opening later this year - it's the perfect time to reveal the contents of the cornerstone time capsule.

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